Sticking your Feet in the Magazine Rack – Flying to the GIG

Watching Taken 3. The acting’s already shit. I wouldn’t have chosen this movie. But Spongebob was gonna take another 40 minutes. Yeah, it’s a VHS run system on this plane.

No I’m not exaggerating.
Remember that rainbow type screen with the high pitch squeel at the start of a VHS video. Yeah they were playing and rewinding through that for the safety video.

Vietnam airlines for you haha!

In plus news- the couple sitting next to me are very sweet in the education field. In more annoying news, I’m a restless person on a plane and I’m worried about my respective batteries running out on a 12 hour flight. And I’m stuck on the inside. So if I want to get up, which I like to do frequently I have to annoy them.

Also I usually make friends with the flight attendants and drink with them when I can’t sleep. None of that. They’re all vietnamese. My laptop has about 2 hours in it. Taken 3’s still pretty shit. Sorry if you’re a Taken fan. But this one seems RUUUBBBIISSHHH…

Should’ve waited for Spongebob. Well out of the 12 hours of this flight, and the selection of about 5 movies I’m sure i’ll have time for spongebob, it’s on every one and a half hours.

Pre-planing. I was quite chuffed with how Heathrow went. Despite having had an awful experience with a 700US$ Excess charge in Shanghai, I seem to have had great luck with baggage post Shanghai. Maybe they let you get away with extra baggage, because they feel bad for you with the VHS and stuff. #spoiledbrat I do realise. But yes, got to take both my acoustic and electric guitar on board the plane, which is super lucky and stuff. I did kind of sneak the 2nd guitar past. Whoop whoop. Don’t need to use my MU insurance (Yeah I’m a member of the musicians union and stuff- I feel all important and shit).

Oooh i’m sneezing… maybe it’s the dust from the tape player’s they’re using.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited for this next venture. I am going out with some AWESOME humans and great musicians. I’m going to have to navigate my own ability to make myself a bullying target again. People find my soft spot quite quickly because I show it to them. It’s probably from a combination of Naivity, stupidity and outright clumsiness. I’ve been in a position where I feel like I owe something to my employers on the road – and that’s dangerous. I got psychologically destroyed. And I have to fight not to feel that way. It is a job exchange. I’m grateful. But I do now owe more than doing my job. If I need to be fired…. so be it. Another blog post methinks.11062099_10155853501225290_3464298213512178585_n

Chair up… chair down…. can’t get comfy damnit.

I’m super lucky. I ran into this gig, because my awesomely talented aunt took me to a jam night the day I arrived to stay at her. I still plan to tackle my original music but this opportunity was too good to miss, and is helping me meet the most amazing English Musicians (especially female ones).

Oh… plus I’m playing guitar.

It’ll be like an instrumentalist singing. It will take time. But I’ll be YARDS better at the end of it. It’s a dream come true.

Contract Number 4.
Company Number 3.
Started on 4-piece band, to 7-piece band, to 2-piece Duo, to a 6-piece band.

Adventure Number… god I can’t even count…. GO.

Oh…. and Taken 3 is still crap.


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