Is our Night Job, just a Day Job in Disguise?

My dad’s always said to me

The Music Industry will fail you time and time again, but the music never will.

You’re not loving your job right now, and you thought your job was music…… so if you don’t love it right now… does that mean you don’t love music? No. It doesn’t. It might just mean you need a change or break, or it means you want more. You need a different environment or different relationship with music to reinvigorate the passion. The residency scene can make music a job for which you need escape from, instead of music being your escape. Its an odd place to be.

I read an article on Music Clout called managing your expectations. Similar to a John Mayer talk I’ve seen before:

Music Clout – Managing Your Expectations (worth a read although long)

(worth a watch)

In the Music Clout Article it speaks about how you cannot expect music to be your living if you’re still working a day job. And I do wonder if MUSIC is actually our living, or it is the nightly equivalent of a day job. If you have aims in the music industry, seperate from the factory music scene, the road is a very tough place to achieve those. It doesn’t mean you can’t. Artists such as Ross Swanton and Sam Terret have managed to keep creating, and Ross has even started building a production/recording team in Dubai, which is pretty awesome and revolutionary!

There are so many amazing musicians on the road! And I even boggle my own mind at how I don’t utilize them or team up with them, or even just pay for them to session on my stuff. It is hard because it’s pretty expensive here, and you’re not gonna make much money from it because you work almost every night, and at least MY night off I NEED OFF. One can do it. I watched Sam Terret discipline himself by sitting with his bass on seperate from the gig at least 4 hours a day, ensuring a healthy gluten free diet, and making sure he meditated and went for walks He forced himself to put up a bass video everyday. Be it random improvisations or writings. I have so much admiration for the man. I also spoke to Ross Swanton, and he gave up drinking and partying. And really devoted himself to his craft. It’s hard on a gig. But it is possible. I don’t know about for all… but at least for some.

My Berklee-studied bandleader Greg Lassalle once told me you need to be a sniper. Now what you want to hit and go for it.  If you want to be in factory music ‘Create a Show’ for which either he or I will write a blog. But if you want more, aim for it. Your day job being music doesn’t mean you’re working towards a life in music. If you’re feeling dissatisfied and want more- it’s totally allowed, but do something about it.


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