Stop talking about being relaxed and just relax.






I’m in China.

This is a hilarious photo of a drunk Japanese man at the Redmoon Lounge, Grand Hyatt, Beijing I sing at. Much amusement. In between his bouts of being passed out he was a very animated dancer! LOL.

Now, I’m lucky enough to be a pretty laid-back person. After growing up needing company all the time, my parents forced it out of me, and now I’m pretty good at being in the moment and enjoying my own company. Needing to conserve my voice, I also got a lot better at listening and not needing to talk all the time. Unfortunately, most people, including many of my close friends and family, are highly strung: worrying about everything and everyone. This constant alertness makes them unable to sit in a moment and breathe it (which is why I believe highly strung people should invest in a glass of wine quite frequently haha).

Living PURELY in the moment, can also be dangerous though. I believe it is a balance of the past, present and future. Take photos to remember the memories, but do not forget to actually make memories than just being concerned about the photos. I have a rule for this: NO LOOKING AT PHOTOS WHEN OUT. You’re never happy, and you spend all your time looking at memories instead of making them. Take photos as part of your fun, but looking at them is to enjoy the memory the next day.

Buddhist principles (which are really cool by the way) tell you to focus of letting go of attachment. Thus let go of how you expected the day to be, how you feel things should work, and adjust your perception to enjoy whatever you are faced with, with no judgement.

“It is better to travel well than to arrive” – Buddha


Stop waiting for Godot to arrive. He never will. Be happy now.


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