Drugs… Oh how they change

We grow up seeing and some experiencing drugs as this:


However, as we grow up and party too much/ work too hard/ wear slutty outfits in winter/ NEED to actually not be sick to earn money it becomes more like this



Being a musical theatre performer in my studies and how I make money. If I get sick… It’s a problem. Sooooo here are some tips I’ve learnt from my gp and other such ppl on how to avoid getting sick if you are prone…. Which are about to become slightly OCD addictions:

1. Never use the steam room at gym

As my very straight faced doc said “you might as well stick your head up a hobo’s anus” (there went my Saturday night extra-curricular activity too :0 )

2. Waterless hands cleanser!

It’s cheap and comes in nifty tiny adorable bottles! Also when normally washing your hands…. You gotta say your abcs….that’s how long…. I know…. *insert ain’t nobody got time for that meme here* well ain’t nobody got time or money for a throat infection every like 2 weeks.

3. Use a saline nose spray like 40 times a day and/or put ophthalmic ointment in your nose

K saline is cheap: buy a refillable bottle and an bulk pack of 0.9 or under saline mixture. These sprays will lightly disinfect the bacteria in your nose! The opthalmic ointment does the same, like bactraban.

4. nasal drainage …. No joke

When getting congested… It is the bomb diggity. It’s disgusting and called a douche (pleasant ey?) but once again with saline (0.9 or less) it is harmless and works like a dream.

5. Gargle saltwater

Once again, disinfects without harming! Do it! Just mix salt and water for this one

6. Stay at home and rest before its too late! Be careful of painkillers and throat sprays that make you feel you can go back to work before you’re ready!



Righty wisdom shared, now for wisdom drugged up me who did not do the above preventative measures in time wants to research about these drugs at approx 2am Central African time.


Because of the state the infection let my vocal cords and throat and sinusesget to… I’ve been put on 60g a day o.O and I had a vox op last year.

So we know this drug is dangerous. *discovery channel children’s show voice*but let’s learn more!

So it decreases pain, inflammation and swelling (are those not the same thing Wikipedia?) at the injury site by decreasing your immune system which Is apparently what it does when it naturally responds to stress in the body! Makes sense… That’s why ppl get sick when stressed or pmsing…. Wow see we’re learning things!

It’s side effects are commonly blurted out but my pharmacist… And this blog post alerted me to on I didn’t know of – insomnia. Also depression, anxiety, diabetes, insulin resistance, water retention etc


Huge pills! And I need 4 a day… Lets see what that’s doing ey?

Augmentin is used to treat many different infections caused by bacteria, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and infections of the skin.

Thanks drugs.com… Lol. There are many important things you might need to know…. Which if you needed you certainly wouldn’t be on this blog 🙂

Less serious Augmentin side effects may include:

mild diarrhea, gas, stomach pain;
nausea or vomiting;
skin rash or itching;
white patches in your mouth or throat; or
vaginal yeast infection (itching or discharge).

Razor blades in my throat AND an itchy hoo ha… That would make me sad. Probiotics and yoghurt people. Mommys antibiotic lessons. Which apply to the hoo ha health in your later years.

It seems to kill tons of bacteria though… Which is good for the evil ones throwing a party on my throat and vox!


This is a pain killer sent by the gods. My doc prescribed it…. For reals

Indication: For temporary relief of fever and minor aches.

It has a thing called meprobamate… Which chills you out… Yay drugs! Some places in ‘Murcia have apparently outlawed it…. Errrr :S … No comment


Anyways I’m gonna watch more ‘skins’ now- a pretty rad British series. Psht I know right? My life’s so rock n roll right now.

On a side note honey makes throat feel nice and has anti bacterial properties. And marshmallows and lollies and yoghurts make feel nice (but they make you fat) but ice makes feel nice and doesn’t make you fat

Peace out! Stay healthy! And find me a rich traveling husband who will permanently immigrate with me to avoid winter.


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