To hook up or not to hook up?


The random hook up?

I never did the ‘kiss random boys’ thing in high school- and veering in and out of moderately serious relationships and a now reformed sense of self-judgement, didn’t get into it much in my early varsity life. Now as a single girl, (we’ll run on the assumption that this dictates just a club make out… Nothing further, that’s another argument we’ll leave for after a few more seasons of sex and the city), hook ups are great for a bit of ego, a lil bit of intimacy, fun and helps relieve a lil sexual frustration. What can I say…. Everyone needs their bowl of slut cereal every now and then.

But can it ruin you and your friends’s night.

The aim of hooking up with someone (drunk or not) leaves you frequently scouting the room or club or whatever for a specimen you deem worthy; or constantly asking your sober friend for a judgement call on your drunk-goggles. It may be a fun game and end to your night, but can leave you or your friend feeling disappointed if said aims aren’t reached or leads to SERIOUSLY embarrassing judgements and a morning with a hangover and the added bonus of a lost dignity.

You often end up spending more time searching for or having a meaningless hook up with some drunk asss douche than time with the friends you actually enjoy spending time with and creating memories with.


HOWEVER… It can be fun. It can be a good way to meet people… And come out with an amusing story.

I guess it’s the balance of being on the lookout and not letting it take over your night with your mates and be the focus. And being prepared for the mockery and at least letting your friends in on whatever amusing story you come out with.

Your thoughts? (Auto-correct nearly made me write thongs, lol)


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