To hook up or not to hook up?


The random hook up?

I never did the ‘kiss random boys’ thing in high school- and veering in and out of moderately serious relationships and a now reformed sense of self-judgement, didn’t get into it much in my early varsity life. Now as a single girl, (we’ll run on the assumption that this dictates just a club make out… Nothing further, that’s another argument we’ll leave for after a few more seasons of sex and the city), hook ups are great for a bit of ego, a lil bit of intimacy, fun and helps relieve a lil sexual frustration. What can I say…. Everyone needs their bowl of slut cereal every now and then.

But can it ruin you and your friends’s night.

The aim of hooking up with someone (drunk or not) leaves you frequently scouting the room or club or whatever for a specimen you deem worthy; or constantly asking your sober friend for a judgement call on your drunk-goggles. It may be a fun game and end to your night, but can leave you or your friend feeling disappointed if said aims aren’t reached or leads to SERIOUSLY embarrassing judgements and a morning with a hangover and the added bonus of a lost dignity.

You often end up spending more time searching for or having a meaningless hook up with some drunk asss douche than time with the friends you actually enjoy spending time with and creating memories with.


HOWEVER… It can be fun. It can be a good way to meet people… And come out with an amusing story.

I guess it’s the balance of being on the lookout and not letting it take over your night with your mates and be the focus. And being prepared for the mockery and at least letting your friends in on whatever amusing story you come out with.

Your thoughts? (Auto-correct nearly made me write thongs, lol)


Where does all my money go?

It’s not just me.

It’s anyone who chooses not to count every penny. I certainly don’t want to become stingy but perhaps I should put a closer eye on what I spend money on… When your card gets rejected and you can’t even afford a 30c plastic bag for your groceries- it’s time.

Let’s start with the big things
Concert tickets, medication, petrol, doctors (it’s winter), waxes, haircuts, food, cosmetics, clothes and shoes


Tickets and entrance fees: Enter competitions? Become a groupie? BE THE BAND. Uh… Yeah that’ll help. Know the bouncer? Know someone who knows the bouncer? GOT IT! Know someone who’s slept with the bouncer.

Medication and doctors? Get a medical degree? Date a doctor? Don’t get sick… Yeah… I’ll try that. Or just die of your illness… Although funerals are quite pricey too.

Petrol… Walk? It’ll take away your gym expense….

Waxes and haircuts… DIY. My Greek friend does her own waxes and they have industrial hair! Bought Mandy’s wax…. And my hoo ha is still in one piece… So it works! Home highlight kit? I did that in high school. I’m not sure i wanna go back there.

Food… live off lentil soup! It worked for me in second year! It can work now!

Cosmetics? Finish the damn bottle first! I have 3 unsharpened eyeliners, 4 unfinished moisturizers… Finish it! And genuinely: buy a large cheap version of most things and only use the expensive ones on special occasions. Also… Don’t go near any cosmetics shop, you will come out with 30 things you don’t ACTUALLY need.

Clothes and shoes. There is no easy solution. Just be a millionaire. Or own forever new or something.

the little things

PETROL STATIONS (late night gum, late night diet coke, water bottle, inspired magazine, car air freshener… General shit you don’t need), drinks, eating out, random chocolates for friends

Errr…. Keep a bottle of water in your car… Try cut down on the gum and diet coke (or buy in advance) … Rob the petrol station? That bullet proof glass ain’t fooling anyone.

Drinks? Drink water.
Give up alcohol.

Be a slut and get men to buy them.

Eating out?
Be a prude and make men buy you dinner first

Random chocolates for friends? (Don’t ask, I do it lots) become a social recluse or tell your friends they’re fat.

I think that’s a mature way of dealing with this problem.
Perhaps I should start a budgeting firm.
Lemme know if you need financial help.
I got this.

Nothing kills a production like too much exposition


“We were walking toward the fountain, the epicenter of activity, when an older couple stopped and openly observed us. Robert enjoyed being noticed, and he affectionately squeezed my hand.

“oh, take their picture,” said the woman to her bemused husband, “I think they’re artists.”

“Oh, go on,” he shrugged. “They’re just kids.”
― Patti Smith, Just Kids

I’m 21.

I’ve had an awesome life. Good school. Great parents. I’m an overachiever. Science and Maths geek. For the past 4 years I’ve been studying musical theatre. My 4th year is part time thesis work while I work jobs to support myself. It’s a new phase:

the awkward transition between student and adult

No matter what you study or do, that phase where you’re independent but still under your parents roof, are more frequently the designated driver, when if you get sick… You have to take your own sorry ass to the doc and pay for it…. Yeah that phase, happens to pretty much everyone.


Yep I’m in my 20s. About to finish studying, and about to commit to jobs that I might not enjoy or that hold me back so I can pay for things like car services and gynecologists. I’m starting to realize that almost all the boys at *insert student party venue* (hatfield square) are too young for you but anyone in the working realm seems too damn old and boring.

We’re all trying to answer questions.

who am I?

Errr…. Ok… I donno, can change slightly depending on the boyfriend who last broke my heart… Or my most recent hourly epiphany…

Ok so
I like shopping. Definitely. Clothes, shoes, accessories.
I like performing.
I like gym and running.
I like drinking…. A bit too much
I like smart people… And men with abs… The two don’t often come in one
I like renting box sets of sexandthecity
I like writing music, singing etc and generally creating things

I don’t like glee
I don’t like stupid people who think they’re smart
I don’t like rude hipsters (probably because I’ve always secretly wanted to be one)
I really don’t like frogs… They scare me
And I’m baffled by gambling

I drink copious amounts of tea. And coffee in phases. And have an unhealthy addiction to peanut butter.

I fall in love, and get heart broken easily
I am a retard and frequently an emotional roller coaster.
I’m not clingy…. But I’m needy.

Cool…. That will do.

what do I want from life

Shit…. That’s where I get stuck.

Errrmmm have we lived enough of life to know? And what if you spend half your life working towards something only to find out its not what you want!?

what next

Well, after stressing about how I couldn’t arrange a holiday because I might miss work or auditions, and if I did book one I’d have to ask for leave etc… I realized revelation … I have the rest of my life for this! Responsibilities will only increase. THUS… I will travel after my cabaret contract ends (and I finish my *has mini panic attack* thesis). I will get up and go while I still can. Before life ties me down!

I wanna explore. Create. Be free. Be retarded and not grow up and regret that I never lived it up in my youth. Cheesy but true. After all…. We are always just kids in one way or another.